About Us :

Based on international standards and using its engineering ability, experience and technical know-how, Omran Gas Puya Company is one of the first and only national standard branded companies in the development and production of diversified products.
- National Iranian Standard No. 8344 as: industrial valves used in liquid gas and ammonia without water
- National Iranian Standard No. 7910 as: Safety Relief Valve for liquid gas and ammonia without water
The above standards are in accordance with NFPA, UL, DIN, ANSI and national standards of Iran No. 841
About Us

Teams :

Mr. Fereydoun Ali Goli

Mr. Fereydoun Ali Goli

CEO and Chairman of the Board

An experienced specialist with 40 years of continuous experience in the manufacture of various components and equipment in the oil and gas industry, whose main activities are the construction of Safety Relief Valve and Industrial valves for LPG and Ammonia pipelines with the help of modern machines and precision machine tools.

Mr. Behzad Ali Goli

Mr. Behzad Ali Goli

Member of the Board

Mechanical Engineer with 15 years of experience in the field of producing parts in the oil and gas industry, he is working on CNC machines and parts manufacturing machinery as well as in controlling the quality of products.

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