excess flow valve(for wagon, vapor and LPG line) :


This is designed for installation in long line and inside of tank car application. It is designed for installation in liquid or vapor service lines


Flow of liquid or vapor is controlled by this type of valve. If the flow exceeds a predetermined rate, the valve automatically closes. It remains closed until the force on both sides of the valve are equalized and then the spring reopens the valve.


- Use of cotter pin prevents loss of spring retain.
- Closing rating in GPM is marked on each valve .
- Use of stainless steel spring provides long .
- Manufactured precision channels result in the
- Technical information is attached for precision er due to vibration in service. to meet the provisions. service life. lowest pressure drop. installation and operation.




Body: Brass/Galvanized Steel
Stem: Stainless Steel
Guide: Galvanized Steel
Spring: Stainless Steel