LV By-Pass Valve :


LV By-pass valve is designed for small size pumps up to 40 GPM flow capacity. This is a combination by-pass and priming valve specifically designed for small bottle filling
pumps. The vapor elimination system keeps liquefied gas pumps primed to increase system reliability and decrease pump and seal wear.


LV external differential By-pass valve should be used when the built-in pump valve is set to by-pass internally. This valve limits the pressure developed by the pump and also has a second function as a Priming Valve. An internal opening within the valve allows vapor to be eliminated from the pump and piping during those periods in which the pump is not in operation.


- Minimizes the heat build up in the pumping system by piping by-pass liquid back to the tank rather than directly to the pump inlet. Heat causes increased vaporization which, in turn, causes decreased pump performance and increased pump maintenance.
- Eliminates the vapor from pump and piping, assuring that when the pump is turned on, it will have sufficient liquid to immediately start pumping. This prevents dry running of the pump at start up.




Body: Ductile Iron
Spring: Coated Steel
Disk: Coated Steel
O-Ring: NBR