Pressure Relief Valve(Semi-Internalpop action for ASME Container :


To protect the container under emergency conditions, the valve opens to reduce excessive pressure in the container.


When the container pressure reaches the start- to discharge pressure the relief valve will open the seat disk to relieve the pressure. After the pressure has decreased sufficiently the relief valve spring will force the seat disk against the seat to prevent any further escape of product .


• The adjusting screw and all other parts are inside the tank safe from tampering.
• Protective caps are designed to eliminate collection of water and debris, thereby providing a much longer service life.
• Safety factor is increased by use of non-corrosive materials. .
• A small drain in the upper body allows moisture to drain out of the valve.




Body: Brass
Stem: Stainless Steel
Spring: Coated Steel
Seat Disc: Resilient Rubber