excess flow valve(for pressure vessel) :


Designed for installation in containers with full or half coupling openings. The valve is mounted on a threaded container openings and is ideal for pump suction because of its low pressure drop.


Excess flow valve is an essential device to prevent of escape of product when a line is completely broken. It remains closed until the line is repaired but it does not provide a % 100 type shut-off.


- Use of cotter pin prevents loss of spring retain .
- Lowest pressure drop due to fine finishing of channels.
-Use of stainless steel material in manufacturing er in any conditions. channels. of guides, protects it against corrosion in a critical area.
- Valve are available in a variety of body configurations.
- Technical information is attached for precision installation and operation




Body: Galvanized Steel
Stem: Stainless Steel
Guide: Stainless Steel
Spring: Stainless Steel