Specifically designed to assure positive shut off and long maintenance-free service life in liquid or or services on bulk storage containers, transports, bobtails and cylinder filling plant piping. The high quality construction and wide variety of sizes make them highly suited for use with LP-Gas, anhydrous ammonia and the chemical and petrochemical industries.


Globe valve is used in places where the discharge is required to be adjusted and controlled.
The valve is designed to change the flow of fluid through the valve.
In fact, the motion of a disk in the flow path acts as an open and closed action.
Additionally, whenever necessary, they reduce the pressure of the fluid in the direction of the goblet valve.


• .V-ring spring loaded pressure stem seal provides for leak proof operation. No packing to re tighten or replace .
• Circular bridge in the globe design achieve greater flow with less pressure drop .
• Swivel seal disc assembly minimize the seat disk from grinding on the body seat. The seat disc tops rotating as
soon as it touches the body seat. This feature provides a good seat alignment and assures long seat life .
• 1/4 F.NPT plugged boss on the downstream side of the valve body allows attachment of a hydro static relief valve or vent valve .
• V -Ring stem seal vertically eliminates hard to turn handles frequently encountered with packed type seals .
• Heavy duty ACME stem threads provide quick action and
long service life




Body: Ductile Iron
Bonnet: Ductile Iron
Valve Stem: Stainless Steel
Seat Disc: Steel
V-Ring: P.T.F.E
Hand Wheel: Ductile Iron
Spring: Stainless Steel
Washer: Steel
Wiper Ring: Synthetic Rubber
Nut: Steel