pressure relief valve(External Hydrostatic Relief Valve) :


Designed specifically for the protection of piping and shut-off valves where there is a possibility of trapping liquid LP-Gas.
They may be installed in pipelines between shut-off valves or in the side boss of shut-off valves


Relief valve are only intended for use in LP-Gas or anhydrous Ammonia service.
do not use any other service commodity.
The pop-Action permits the pressure Relief Valve to open slightly to relive moderately excessive pressure in the container. When pressure increases beyond a predetermined point, the valve is designed to pop open to its full discharge capacity, reducing excess pressure quickly. this is a distinct advantage over ordinary valves which open gradually over their entire range, allowing excessive pressure to develop before the relief valve is fully open.


- Relief valves are equipped with protective caps to prevent corrosion and debris.
- Resilient seat disk provides a Bubble-tight seal.
- Relief valves reset firmly after discharge.
- setting pressures are fixed and riveted to prevent tampering.
- Constructed of non-corrosive materials.




Body: Brass
Seat Disc: Resilient Rubber
Spring: Coated Steel