Pressure Relief Valve(for D.O.T transports) :


Designed specifically for use as primary relief valve in D.O.T. transports and delivery trucks with 3 MNPT couplings.


The valves prevent excessive pressure and the safety of people and It is designed to protect pressure sensitive systems to prevent high-pressure destructive effects and Prevents pressure back and prevents system failure. It is important that the safety valve, under any circumstances, perform its duty and prevent the system from exerting pressure.
Each system has a set point, which opens at the pressures above. The valve is closed by a spring and acts as a static pressure when it reaches the back pressure and opens quickly.
They also immunize by releasing some fluid. The pressure relief valves have a compression mechanism, which increases the pressure to open the valve and drain the material to reach normal pressure.


• Low profile design assures maximum
protection against sheering or distortion.
• All functioning parts are located below the
level of the container connection to reduce
the possibility of damage or tampering.
• Longer spring size designed to minimize
stress cracking in service.
• Internal octagonal wrenching broach
assures easy installation and removal.
• For use with LP-GAS and anhydrous




Body: Stainless Steel
Stem: Stainless Steel
Seat Disc: Viton
Spring: Stainless Steel